The Perfect Solution for your Afterschool Childcare Dilemma!
We recognize that a child’s primary carer and first educator is their parent. We greatly value the contribution parents have to offer.
To ensure that you and your child are getting the most from our Club, we encourage two – way communication.
We operate an Open Door Policy, and love to hear your feedback and ideas
Parents are welcome to spend time with their child at the Club before their official start date. We recommend bringing your child for a few visits prior to their regular attendance. The visits will help staff build good relationships with your child, and allow your child to become familiar with the environment. Visits have unfortunately been suspended due to COVID, and only one parent and child visit is permitted, during Club closed times.

Parents should share information about your child, their likes and dislikes, and their habits with staff.
We have a healthy eating policy, and so ask that you do not send sweets or treats to the Club with your Child. Thank you.
We operate a nut free policy, due to children attending who have severe allergies. We ask that treats and food containing nuts remain at home.
We have a screen-free policy. We do not permit children to bring any electronics, ie. DS, PSP, phone, etc. to the Club.

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