Summer Camps 2018 start on the following Mondays:
July 16th
July 23rd
August 13th
August 20th
All Camps run from 9.00am to 2.30pm

Each week of Summer Camp, weather permitting, we have a fabulous gigantic inflatable obstacle course for two days.
Of course, every week of summer camp ends with our fabulous water sports and water fights!

We run Camps at Halloween, Mid-Term, Easter and during the Summer school holidays.
Camps run from 9am to 2.30pm, though pre- and post-Camp childcare is available from 8am to 6pm.

Activities at Camps vary greatly, but every day includes the following activities: Baking, Art, Crafts, Challenges, Sports and Games and lots of fun.
Weather permitting, we spend time outdoors and indoors every day.
As we have more space, both indoors and outdoors than most Childcare Centres, we are able to run activities which are on a larger scale.
Our Camp Programme is adapted each week to best suit the age and ability of those attending. All children take part in the same activities, the younger children are helped by adults.
Please see our gallery for images of some of our Camp activities.

Examples of activities we have undertaken include: egg drop challenge, 60 second challenges, making exploding volcanoes, t-shirt printing, science experiments, making scarecrows, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses.
Cardboard box group creations have included robots, cars, trains and castles.
Art and Crafts undertaken include: sand art, rock art, 3D pictures, chalk art, foam painting. One parent has her son’s large A1 size painting framed at the top of her stairs!

At Halloween Camp, we do all the traditional Halloween Games, bobbing for apples, pin the wart on the witch’s nose, etc. There are usually a few dead bodies lurking around, and we undertake scary crafting and baking, such as witches fingers and Halloween bones.

Easster Camp has many egg based activities, baking, (with chocolate, of course), Easter-themed art and crafts, Eggs-periments, and we finish up with our traditional Easter Egg Hunt.