“The Club is so flexible, I only pay for the days I use, and the kids absolutely love it” – Anne Arraj, 2014

“My kids love the Camps, they do so many more activities than any other camps, they especially love the science bits and the challenges” – Moira Shannon 2013

“My son gives out when I collect him early, he is afraid that he’ll miss an activity.” – Mags Shanahan 2013

“My children are happy, I know that they are well looked after, couldn’t be closer to the school. The girls bring the kids over for after school activities and collect them after. Perfect set-up for us.” – Eamonn Manning 2013

So happy we found the Club. Stress free childcare, no bus journey, children are all school age, no little ones, so my son feels all grown up” – Mary Ellen Dineen

“The girls look after my daughter like she is one of their own” – Shane O’Sullivan